Seattle is rallying to preserve the Dakota Homestead - a treasured green space that will be dedicated towards environmental education, green living inspiration and community gatherings!

Thank you to Christy Kinskey for the Pig Roast Fundraiser pictures!

We are preserving and engaging the culture of our community.


Seattle is changing at a rapid pace, shifting cultural values with the influx of population density. Together we can protect what makes our city great through the creation of a neighborhood gathering space based on urban agriculture that inspires, engages and educates people of all ages in our community. From the native Seattleite to the newest resident, this project will celebrate our rich cultural history of environmental stewardship, creativity, local food production and neighborhood spirit but we cannot achieve our goals alone.

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We are leading a community mission to create a neighborhood gathering space based on urban agriculture that inspires, engages & educates.

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